Workout & Earn YOGToken for staying fit.

Earn while walking, running, cycling and burning calories.

Yoga Ashram

A meditation & Yoga Wellness Resort will be setup in phase2 for NFT holder Exclusively.

High Quality Yoga NFT Collections

Get trained by Best Yoga Instructor & adopt the 5000 year old fitness regime.

We are integrating NFT'S with fitness by Creating an App to get fit.


10% to Community & Charity Donations to NGO Working for Cancer patients.

$YOG Token Earn daily while walking, running, cycling and burning calories.

Lifetime access for Online Yoga & Nutrition session.

Web3 app to monitor workout & Calorie Burn and Earn Token on weekly basis.

Phase 2: Yoga Ashrams will be setup in Rishikesh India & NFT holders can exclusively come & stay there with there family.

E-commerce brand will be launched in 2 phase having merchandise related to fitness & yoga.



In 1st phase 3000 NFT's will be released.

To be announced.

Our NFTs will be minted (registered on the blockchain) on the Solana blockchain. For this all you need is Solana coins, a compatible wallet and our website. Our minting process will support the following wallets: Phantom-, Sollet-, Solflare wallet.

We recommend using Phantom wallet if you are minting on desktop. For more information about how to set up a Phantom wallet visit:

1. To add funds to your wallet you will need to buy the Solana coin (SOL). This can be done on any exchange wallet (Binance, Coinbase,…).

Next you will need to go to your account created on Phantom, Solflare, Sollet. Click on ‘Deposit SOL’ and copy your SOL address which will look something like this: …

Go over to SOL on your exchange wallet and choose ‘Send SOL’. You can now paste the address and send your SOL to your minting wallet.

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